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AndusChain DAON Coin Free Airdrop Event

The next-generation Ethereum, AndusChain, will hold a DAON coin airdrop event!

How to participate: If you install DAON Wallet and register your wallet address in the Google form, you will receive 5 DAON Coins.


App Store (IOS):

Exchange listings: AndusChain’s DAON coin is listed on ProBit Global, ProBit Korea, MEXC and Cordax exchanges.

Transfer Fee: AndusChain, which aims for the next-generation of Ethereum, has a fee of 1/100 of that of Ethereum.

🎈 1st Airdrop Transfer date — June 4🎈
🎈 2nd Airdrop Transfer date — June 21🎈
🎈 3rd Airdrop Transfer date — June 30🎈


For inquiries, please contact the AndusChain official community.



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