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AndusChain Daon Coin Listing on ProBit Global Exchange

Andus Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung Jun Park) announced on the 23rd that Daon coin will be newly listed on the ProBit Global exchange, which is ranked 30th in the world according to CoinMarketCap, on December 27, 2021. Andus is Daon coin (DAON, unit DEB) issuer.

Daon coin is a basic asset (coin) used in AndusChain, the only public permission-less blockchain platform in Korea developed by Sung Jun Park, head of Dongguk University’s Blockchain Research Center.

AndusChain was developed with the goal of next-generation Ethereum, increased the speed more than 20 times compared to Ethereum, and reduced fees by less than 1/100 to solve Ethereum’s shortcomings.

Andus Co., Ltd., based on solid technology, is making great efforts to protect investors and form a stable market in an uncertain environment in the domestic token ecosystem market. As part of this, it plans to strengthen support for the AndusChain-based token ecosystem through listing on overseas exchanges.

As a result of these continuous efforts, about 15 partner companies are promoting the AndusChain-based token ecosystem business projects. Representative projects include “Soccer Metaverse,” “Real Estate Token,” “Online/Offline Convergence Store,” and “Foreigners Ecosystem.”

The projects being promoted are closely connected with the non-fungible token (NFT), metaverse, and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems, which are important industrial fields of the blockchain ecosystem.

CEO Sung Jun Park said, “With the global listing of ProBit, we are drawing a big picture, such as active overseas market targeting and continuous listing on global exchanges,” adding, “We will also proceed with listing on the Korean won market in line with the vitalization of the domestic token ecosystem expected next year.”




AndusChain Official Blog

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