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AndusChain promotes blockchain-based virtual state Tamnaverse construction

ANDUS Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Sung Jun) announced on the 1st that it has signed a contract with Tamnara Imagination Group Co., Ltd. (CEO Kang Woo-hyun) to jointly promote the construction of Tamnaverse (Tamnara Metaverse), a virtual country based on blockchain.

Tamnara Republic is an offline-based imaginary country created by CEO Kang Woo-hyun, who built an imaginary Naminara based on Nami Island, with a bigger dream on Jeju Island.

Tamnara Republic, which was created after seven years of efforts since CEO Kang Woo-hyun settled on Jeju Island, is scheduled to open to the public soon.

ANDUS Co., Ltd. plans to implement the offline-based Tamnara Republic as a blockchain-based virtual country Tamnaverse, which consists of three countries: a real land country, an imaginary heaven, and an underground country composed of lava.

In addition to the opening, Tamnara Republic has also prepared an exhibition hall to showcase various works that show the passion and creativity of CEO Kang Woo-hyun.

This year, the Volcano Festival, which takes advantage of the characteristics of Jeju Island, will also be held. The Volcano Festival plans to make Jeju Island’s volcanoes and lava an international festival that provides various attractions such as realistic volcanic eruptions and lava eruptions by utilizing various latest technologies.

To this end, Tamnaverse citizenship will be made into NFT and sold to the public. All of CEO Kang Woo-hyun’s creations will also be created into NFT to realize CEO Kang’s creative imagination as an NFT ecosystem. It also includes products made of lava from Jeju Island.

CEO Park Sung Jun explained, “You can expect a wonderful world in which Naminara, the imaginary country of Nami Island, will be realized as an imaginary country where unlimited imagination can be unfolded in combination with NFT and Metaverse technologies.”



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