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AndusChain Q2 ZOOM AMA Preliminary Questionnaire

Andus Co., Ltd.’s executives and staff, including CEO Park Sung Jun, have built a remarkable foundation. As part of our commitment to strengthen communication with our customers for the leap we promised earlier this year, we will hold Q2 AMA.

Many people say that the current cryptocurrency market is in crisis, but this crisis is an opportunity for AndusChain. Thus, we would like to announce the progress and plans of AndusChain through this upcoming AMA.

Next-generation Ethereum, AndusChain (DAON) AMA

  • Topic: Crisis as an opportunity
  • Date and time: May 26th (Thu), 2022 at 7PM KST
  • Table of Contents:
    Part 1: Current Status of AndusChain(DAON) Ecosystem Project
    Part 2: Special Business Progress
    Part 3: Q&A
  • Link to Preliminary Questionnaire:



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