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AndusChain to Promote Real Estate NFT Business… “Ready to Leap Forward in 2022”

AndusChain, developed by ANDUS CEO Park Sung Jun (Director of Dongguk University Blockchain Research Center), a domestic blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, announced that it is ready to take a leap this year.

In response to the government’s negative policies on cryptocurrencies, CEO Park Sung Jun delivered about 850 lectures and numerous policy suggestions over the past three years. While working as a professor to revitalize the domestic blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, he announced that he had decided to develop and show the world by himself to prove that blockchain and cryptocurrency are ‘the future of Korea’ and ‘the hope of young people’.

AndusChain was developed based on Ethereum to realize the philosophy of blockchain, “an economic ecosystem where people prosper together.” It is based on a public permission-less blockchain developed with the goal of sustainable decentralization, which is a fundamental problem of all blockchain platforms as well as Ethereum.

AndusChain has the meaning of ‘I, you, and us.’ The cryptocurrency DAON, the underlying asset of AndusChain, has the meaning of “Come to AndusChain”.

AndusChain is designed to ensure that anyone who wants to mine has the same mining probability regardless of computing power or stake to realize sustainable decentralization. The speed is 300 TPS, which is the highest level among existing public permission-less blockchains. In the case of public permission operation, the speed can be switched to high speed according to the configuration. Fees are operated at only one-hundredth of Ethereum.

AndusChain opened its blockchain platform on May 1, 2021, starting with the public recruitment of 150 AndusChain miners in March 2021. Currently, 310 AndusChain miners are stably operating, and the cryptocurrency Daon is listed on domestic cryptocurrency exchanges ProBit and Coredax.

Meanwhile, ANDUS has already signed service contracts with about 15 blockchain companies, including Real Estate Non-Fungible Token (NFT), to revitalize the AndusChain-based Daon ecosystem. Starting with AndusChain-based real service in April 2022, it plans to open at least 10 services. For real estate NFT, a representative service, Davius ​​was jointly established and promoted with Davichi Glasses Chain.

CEO Park Sung Jun said, “In the case of real estate NFT business, it is an innovative service that informs everyone why cryptocurrency is needed by solving domestic real estate problems using blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are also preparing a virtual real estate business based on real estate,” he said. This service is expected to open in the second half of the year.

AndusChain’s goal is to realize a blockchain-based, low-cost start-up ecosystem. Accordingly, it completed close cooperation with accelerators and venture capital last year and is preparing to hold a conference to revitalize the blockchain-based start-up ecosystem for prospective founders and the public who dream of starting a business in the first half.

CEO Park Sung Jun said, “The goal is to make AndusChain and cryptocurrency Daon to be recognized by many this year,” adding, “Based on this, we will actively pursue overseas expansion in the second half of the year. Please watch AndusChain’s leap in 2022,” he said.



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