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AndusChainer 1st round recruitment completed

Hello, Andus Community members!

Throughout March, we conducted the first recruitment of ‘AndusChainer’, the initial miner of AndUs Chain!

Over 150 applications were received so we could conclude our first recruitment with great success.

We are even more grateful that everyone actively participated with a mission of staking Daon coins. We are now about to launch our mainnet soon thanks to you all.

We welcome and congratulate you on becoming an AndUs Chainer who will be the foundation of the AndUs Chain ecosystem for over a year. We are preparing many great updates soon that you can be proud to be with AndUs, which will continue to grow.

For those who have not been able to participate as an AndusChainer this time, please wait for the next opportunity to be part of AndUs ecosystem.

▶ Announcement on Recruitment for AndUs Chainer:
▶ Reason for recruiting AndUs Chainer:
▶ Anduschainer FAQ:
▶ Andus Chainer Card News:




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