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Blockchain-based TSA verification service developed

AndUs Chain has developed a blockchain-based ‘Time Stamping Authority’ (TSA) service that stores information related to electronic documents generated during financial settlement, public documents, e-commerce, business data, and big data processing in blockchain and checks whether the original was modified or not.

​‘Time Stamping Authority’ (TSA) is a system for legal proofs and prevention of forgery and tampering at the time of the creation of electronic documents, which shows the existence and modulation of data. It can be used as important evidence in the event of a legal dispute by securing legal evidence under the Electronic Signature Act.

​It has been pointed out that the existing TSA is high-cost and limited to electronic documents, but the TSA developed by AndUs Chain is a blockchain-based platform-type service that supports open APIs, making it easy for anyone to operate at a low cost.

​Above all, the newly developed TSA service is a groundbreaking platform service that checks not only simple electronic documents but also the origin of most existing digital data such as videos, photos, music, and recorded files.

​From the beginning of the year, AndUs Chain will lead the ‘Time Stamping Authority’ (TSA) market by focusing on big data, information and communication, artificial intelligence, bio, platform industries, Internet banking, securities, insurance, e-civil services, e-commerce, education, and medical sectors.

​Based on the completion of the development of the TSA service, Park Sung-jun, CEO of AndUs Chain, announced that blockchain-based activation management service, which will be a popular market this year, will be launched in the first quarter, and that blockchain-based authenticity management service will fundamentally solve problems in the market.

​In particular, the blockchain-based authenticity management service is expected to contribute to vitalizing the blockchain ecosystem by recognizing the needs and value of the blockchain to the general public.

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