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Coffee and Library Signs Business Agreement with Blockchain Platform ‘Andus’

Coffee and Library (CEO Jang, Deok Sung), a complex cultural space, will build a blockchain technology ecosystem through collaboration with Andus, led by professor Park, Sung Jun of Dongguk University’s blockchain research center, and advance a step forward into a Metaverse complex cultural platform.

The Coffee and Library, the originator of domestic study cafes that combines books and culture, took the first step towards a metaverse complex cultural platform through a business agreement with Andus, which operates the only public permission-less blockchain platform in Korea.

“As untack lifestyles have become part of our daily lives due to COVID-19, metaverse has already deeply permeated into our lives in various forms,” said Jang, Deok Sung, CEO of Coffee and Library. “The composition of the blockchain technology ecosystem is essential and must be accompanied,” he stated, explaining the purpose of this MOU.

An official from the company said, “This project was carried out based on data accumulated with eight years of experience and know-how in operating the study café of the Coffee and Library, and starting with the business agreement, the scope that customers of the Coffee and Library will experience will be expanded and developed further, he said.

He added, “In the future, we will revitalize existing franchisees through constant exploration and challenge for future business opportunities, and further expand our aspect as a complex cultural platform space such as Coffee and Library Gwangmyeong GIDC branch.”



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