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[Coredax] Temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals due to Daon (DEB) mainnet upgrade

Dear AndUs community,

The mainnet upgrade for Andus Chain’s Daon (DEB) coin is in progress on the Coredax exchange.​

Mainnet tokens are very important for the activation and future development of the AndUs network, so the mainnet support and token swaps are of great significance.​

For details, please refer to the exchange notice below.

Original notice (KOR): Click here

We are announcing the temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals due to the upgrade of Daon (DEB) mainnet.

Please note that the existing DEB deposit address cannot be used after the period of suspending deposits and withdrawals.

Please refer to the deposit instructions related to the update, and be extra careful not to make a mistake to protect your asset.

(Please do NOT deposit after the suspension period)

▶ Temporary suspension of Daon (DEB) deposits and withdrawals: 2021. 08. 23 (Mon) 18:00 PM ~ Until DEB mainnet upgrade stability is confirmed

- Please note that only deposits and withdrawals are suspended, and trading is possible normally.

▶ Daon (DEB) Snapshot Schedule: 2021. 08. 24 (Tue) 12:00 PM​

▶ Daon Mainnet Upgrade Schedule: Scheduled for 2021. 08. 30 (Mon)

- After the mainnet upgrade, the digital asset wallet address will change.

- You must obtain a new deposit wallet address.

- Deposits made to the old address cannot be recovered, so you must pay attention to this and transfer to the new address.

- The schedule for the resumption of deposits and withdrawals will be announced through this notice.

▶ Mainnet Swap Ratio: (ERC20)DEB: (Mainnet)DEB = 1: 1

- Token swap will be carried out after confirming the stability of the mainnet

- Deposit and withdrawal service scheduled to resume after the swap and mainnet conversion work is completed

! Note

- Please note that when deposits are made after the suspension of deposits and withdrawals, it may be difficult to properly reflect them in the account, and recovery is not possible in the case of any mistakes made through the transaction.

- When depositing/withdrawing the corresponding digital asset, be sure to check the new address in the ‘Coredax → Asset Management → Coin Deposit and Withdrawal → Coin Deposit’ menu.

- Coredax is not responsible for a customer’s asset loss that occurs when depositing to an existing address.​

! Deposit Notes

1) Please be sure to obtain a new deposit address for DEB by referring to the above precautions.​

2) ERC20 -> ERC20 address transaction

- If you deposit to the existing DEB deposit address (ERC20) after 2021. 08. 23 18:00, it will not be reflected in your Coredax account and recovery will not be possible.​

3) ERC20 -> new mainnet address transaction

- Even if you deposit from an exchange or wallet (ERC20) that has not completed mainnet to a new DEB deposit address (mainnet), recovery is not possible.

4) Mainnet -> ERC20 address

- It is impossible to recover after the mainnet upgrade has been completed. Even if the deposit is made from exchange (mainnet) to the existing DEB deposit address (ERC20)​

* Depending on the plans and decisions of the Daon project team, the possibility of recovering the wrong deposit may be determined, and you must inquire individually.

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