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DEB IEO Token Buyback Completed

Dear AndUs Community,

All of DEB tokens sold by IEO has been all collected by the foundation as of Dec 28, 2020.

Since AndUs Chain did not carry out any ICO or private sales, the buyback amount of IEO tokens were the only tokens sold by the foundation before listing.

▶ Purpose of buyback: price stabilization for future value reflection of the AndUs Coin (DEB)

Buyback amount: total 8,500,000 DEB

▶ Current circulated supply of DEB: About 30 million units in 1 exchange (coredax)

This buyback was executed through a contract with the exchange, and the IEO volume is also included in the total amount of distribution.

In addition to this buyback, we will share a variety of business performances next year and we will do our best to enhance the value of DEB for our investors. Please pay attention to our official channel for the next news.

Thank you.



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