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[EVENT] AndUs Daon Wallet App Download Event (Total $6,000 Rewards)

Hello AndUs Community,

AndUs Wallet has been renewed and updated on the Google Store and App Store.
Now you can manage your Daon assets safely and conveniently with a mobile wallet.

To encourage more people to experience the wallet and become DAON holders, we have prepared the following event;

▶ Event winning details: A total of 2,000+ winners!

  • 1st place (1 person): 5,000 DEB (equivalent to 1,000 USD)
  • 2nd place (10 people): 500 DEB (worth 100 USD)
  • 3rd place (100 people): 50 DEB (worth 10 USD)
  • 1,000 random users: 10 DEB (worth 2 USD)
  • First-come-first-served basis for 1,000 people: Additional 5 DEB (worth 1 USD), applicable with other prizes.

▶ How to participate

  1. Download the app from Google Store/ App Store
  2. Fill/Submit Google Form -> Click

▶ Event period: August 16 ~ August 31

▶ Reward distribution in early September

  • You have to join AndUs Telegram channel and group to win!

Telegram (Chat):

Telegram (Notice):

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