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A Trip To The Past

Mom brought up a handful of photos over Thanksgiving because I referenced the shot we took when at Disneyland last week, and she said she had a shot of me pulling the sword from the stone back in 1986 too. That one is here, along with a handful of other shots ranging from 1986–1993ish. It’s funny that it’s been almost 20 years with some of these, but good to have a copy of them digitally now, eh?
Check out the patches on Luke’s jeans. Nice work Mom!

Great Gramma Cross, Gramma Millie, Luke and Andy in a sweet patterned frame.

Gabbert Family circa 1958ish?

1992 Helena America All-Stars. I think this is the year we took 2nd at State maybe?

Me and Laura-Jean ready ourselves to brave Kindergarten!

Oh Lord, check out that hair I had! I’ll certainly be teased about this by my kids — feel free to take a jab or 2 yourself about them. (Andy and Ike 1992.)

Yea, our faces are really red there, eh? Scanner took a bad shot of it.

San Diego Zoo 1986

Universal studios 1986

Teacups 1986 a la 2010 with my girls.

Universal Studios again 1986

Pull the sword out in 1986 (How about a shot in 1999, or how about 2010?

Fishing with Luke, 1983. Not sure where this was taken, nor who’s dog that was cause Mom didn’t know, but…



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