Disney Aulani, Hawaii, 2017

Andy Tillo
Jul 7, 2017 · 4 min read

We had a good party! Sinus problems had Grandma not being able to hear super well on our Hawaii trip so we got a couple funny memorable quotes from her.

While on the flight to Hawaii your Dad asked Deb if she wanted to “switch seats” so she wouldn’t have to strain her neck to play cribbage. To which Deb replied, “huh…Swiss Cheese?” Hahaha

The second and even more funny quote we got from Grandma was when we went out for some drinks while you kids were back at the hotel room with some sitters. Grandma, Dad and I were sitting outside on the patio at Monkey Pod restaurant enjoying some live music and tropical drinks and I told your Dad he looked good in his “Mint shirt”. Grandma then looked over at your Dad and said, “what…that’s a Mink shirt?” We got a really good laugh on this one!

We had an extremely competitive race on the beach too!

When we left, Mom couldn’t get enough info from the taxi guy:

The kids played well at the end, upon choosing sides…


Andy Tillo, Seattle