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Seabrook, WA -April 2018

It was really windy, and really rainy for 93% of the time, but the other 7% was pretty neat. Great clouds, sun, and drone shots. Tanner and Celeste came out for a few days, and the the ol’ Big Wheel Beach House kept us entertained the rest of the time!

Tanner and I *did* lose the drone in the bushes at one point, and hiked through about 2 hours worth of 9ft tall trees to get to it, but we DID get to it!

1500 foot up on the left, and a stormy sunset on the right…
This turned out much better than I’d thought it would — from about 600 feet, straight up on the coast, looking back at the community of Seabrook!
For those asking, yep, I super Photoshopped them. I enjoy the after effects.
The blowing sand on the beach was pretty neat.
PIzza time at the local pizza parlor!

All in all, everyone had a really good time! The hot-tub is ALWAYS a winner with the kiddos!



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