Some Funny Stories/Photos From Disneyland — November, 2010

Andy Tillo
Nov 14, 2010 · 6 min read

I wish I had used this camera a bit more on the trip, but with 3 kids, it is just hard keeping them in some semblance of a group I can keep an eye on. We had a pretty good time. We couldn’t get the sword out of the stone. You’ll notice I tossed in a photo of me attempting to pull the sword from the stone back in 1998 after the updated fatter picture of me nowadays; 12 years goes by faster than you think…

I wish I had a few pictures of the story that happened when we flew in though. It was pretty interesting… We arrived at the Ontario airport and Mills was looking really lethargic and Heather thought she was warm so we decided it best to get to an Urgent Care as soon as we landed to try and see what was up. We landed, headed to the car rental where we were planning on a full-sized car. We got there and the lady let me know that Priceline had booked us a Toyota Yaris. Yea, that’s a really great car if it is me and 1 piece of luggage. But we have 3 kids, and an asston of luggage (yes, that’s a word).

I think I hit a soft spot with the lady to give us our 1 high note of the day, she triple-upgraded us to a Suburban after I gave her the sob story about Mills earache and the fact that Priceline told us we’d have a full-sized car.

We entered “Urgent Care” in the GPS and it took us to a strip mall area of Ontario, CA. Fortunately we got there at about 5:45pm and they closed at 6, so that was a good thing. There were only 2 or 3 other people in there but it took us about 30 minutes after that to get seen by the doctor.

Once Heather got in there the Doc razzed her about why she was flying with a baby that had an ear ache. She didn’t know Mills *had* an ear ache at that point, but the guy gave her the 3rd degree anyway. We got the prescription and asked where the nearest pharmacy was. They told us there was one right down the road @ Target. We got to Target at about 7:08. Yea, too bad the pharmacy closed at 7, and they were on time about it. We picked up some shoes and sweatshirts as it was a bit colder than anticipated.

We again typed in “pharmacy 24 hour” to the GPS and it told us of a Rite-Aid about 5 miles away that was open till 10. Off to that spot. We get there and the lady takes the prescription and stares at it like I’m forging it. Fortunately Heather has our insurance card, expired by a month, but still has it. The lady grills me on it and I tell her she’s welcome to call them up to verify and that I just don’t have the updated card.

5 minutes later she comes back and says that she verified I was a member and again picks up the prescription. This time though she realizes she can’t read the doctors handwriting. Time to call the doctors office! But remember, they closed at 6 and we got there right at closing time. No answer. She calls the “on call” number on the paperwork I went back to the car for, disconnected. This goes on for about 15 mins while they try to find out who this guy is. They call their network and see if he’s in there, no. I start to think if we got bamboozled there by this mysterious guy.

I tell the lady that it’s for an ear infection and she deciphers what it is. Amoxicillin with some other magic stuff to fight off bacteria. Great, so hurry up and fill it lady, I’ve been here for about 40 mins now trying to decipher this. She seems confident they have and sure enough they do. I’m excited. I shouldn’t have been. Mr. SketchyDoc didn’t put an amount on it. Back to the phone with someone that may or may not be able to help us.

15 mins after THAT the lady tells us she’ll just give us a 10 day prescription. SWEET! All I have to do is wait 20 mins now for them to fill it out. Tick tick tick… Back in 20 minutes I find that they called up my insurance again to find that my company won’t cover the “added bacteria killers” in the Amoxicillin. Super. So my only option is paying full price. That’s fine by me, just let me out of here. They’re cool with it, but just tell me it needs to be refrigerated. Good thing I have that fridge in my car; oh wait, I don’t. But they said it could be out for an hour or 2. I only have 90 miles to go so I figure that’ll work.

Finally, at about 10 we’re finally on the road to Racho Mirage (where Jay/Katie had a very nice wedding to attend). About 10 miles into it we hit road work, which slims 3 lanes down to 1. That kills about 45 mins right there, and without a TV in our car (sure, call us bad parents) the 2 older girls are not interested in the books/crayons we got them and thought fighting was better. That didn’t make it any easier of a ride.

Fortunately, they fell asleep right after the construction and it was quasi-smooth sailing the rest of the way until we got to the hotel and found no fridge there either. They did have an ice machine though, that was our makeshift fridge for the next 5 days.

Needless to say, the bed felt pretty good that night.

A couple captions on the photos, you’ll see Mills stuffing her face with cotton candy that she wouldn’t let anyone else get at, and had some sticky paws. You’ll see Chloe crying her eyes out after riding Mr. Toads Wild Ride where she was with me and in the “drivers” side. She was so scared because she said, “Dad, I don’t know how to drive!” Also you’ll see Chloe crying about not being able to pull the sword from the stone. Yea, Chloe, you and 982 million other kids that have tried.

12 years earlier with less fatness, and far fewer kids:



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Andy Tillo, Seattle