Can you spend even one day without SNS? or online maps in China?

If you are an English speakers, you may a user of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, Instagram etc…

Can you spend even one day without them?

There is a “Wall” in China to block the connection with them. Can you bear without SNS?

Oh, I found few hand-up. Here is my extra questions for you.

Do you have smartphones? If you are no, this topic is not for you.

You have smartphones, and what will you use when you go somewhere you are not familiar with? Maybe Google Maps or something other GPS isn’t it?

Can you back to the paper maps without GPS? It is the very style of mine when I was in Europe 2005. If you can do that seriously, this topic is also not for you.

Yes. This article is for you!

Hassle-free connection to your own SNS account — Roaming by Hong Kong SIMs

Generally, they, I mean US based major SNSs are blocked in Mainland of China.

When I visited Mainland of China, Guangzhou (2015) and Shanghai (2016), I used all of them without worrying. (But Google Maps is “Crazy” in China (even in Hong Kong). Chinese uses Baidu Maps)


I used some SIMs bought in Hong Kong. Yes, I used roaming service of pre-paid HK SIMs.

I bought them in HK, but you can also order them through (I am a resident of Japan), or Sometimes the sellers do not ship to “abroad”, I mean out of Japan or the States. But checking carefully, some shippers are in HK. Sounds “Unicom HK” is an official seller of China Unicom Hong Kong, they will ship to you from Hong Kong.

You will also see the detail in my blog :)

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