The amazing artist aka “Burning man sensation” Dadara at work (

Angel Island.

It’s actually happening :)

Only 7 Weeks ago I coined an INSANE idea. Meaningfully connect the unconnected. Connect driven, passionate entrepreneurs with angel investors that want to do more than just invest money and who are also in it for the long game.

On an island.

Breaking the last virtual barrier.

Today we ‘approved’ the last angel to get onto the island. Next week we set sail to Angel Island with a highly curated group of about 400 of Europe’s finest founders & angels.

We believe this might already be the biggest gathering of angels in Europe. On one single day.

We had over 1250 people that confirmed & signed up. The response has been quite honestly humbling. Some founders even “chipped in” and donated something extra to support our voluntary initiative. Wow. That actually gave us goosebumps. We feel extremely honored and we are very commited to make sure this ‘beast’ adds value to founders’ AND angels’ lives by enabling them to connect in the best possible way. Expect fireworks people. That’s all I can say for now.

“Craziest thing ever done?” “Turning down an executive high paid corporate job 300.000 a year.. and to start my own company! But I have to say, getting out of the bed in the morning is now quite a crazy thing” ~ anonymous AI founder & attendee.

Our journey in the past weeks kinda resembles a founders’ journey. Deep lows, big highs and everything in between.

“Hidden superpower?” “I certainly do not look like The Hulk, but I resemble his resilience” ~ anonymous AI founder & attendee.

Since we were absolutely adament that we didn’t want outside influence or for the island to be corrupted in any way, we have said no to a shitload of sponsor monies. And this in effect — honestly — did cause me (and the leading ladies behind this initiative, Camille, Clarels, Victoria you know what I’m talking about) countless sleepness nights. Especially when we found out that the ticket prices we were asking for were — hmm — EUR120 short of our actual cost per guest ! Yikes.

Team team team team team (Simona, Victorya, Marcel, Ton, Clarels, Nathan, Irene, Camille, Nina) ~Nick, Wout, Hans, Ivan, Dadara not in this picture!

Island rules

No pitching allowed. No figure heads. No keynotes. On AI everyone is equal. These are the cardinal rules we live by at AI. The rest will be disclosed on the 28th. If you managed to reach the cut ;)

All aboard!

Sails are set, crews are being assembled & flags are ready to be hoisted.

Thanks to a small, passionate and dedicated crew of volunteers. Wout, Victorya, Camille, Clarels, Dennis, Dadara, Marcel, Nina, Irene, Simona, Ivan, Hans, Nick, Nathan.

Wow guys, what an awesome journey so far. T-minus-6. Looking forward to next week!