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How we conducted our inaugural Bug Bash at Angel Broking?

You must have come across the bug bash concept, mostly conducted among software development teams. Today I am going to share the process we undertook and the learnings that we gained from the inaugural Bug Bash at Angel Broking held for our Angel SPARK Android app ( Beta version LIVE ).

What is Bug Bash❓

A bug bash is a cross-functional fun event for testing each and every module of an app that is launched for external customers. It is a highly collaborative exercise, mostly carried out in teams. Typically, it runs for 3 to 4 hours depending on the requirement and availability of team members. A bug bash will usually include teams ranging from Product to Revenue, Design, QA, and Engineering. To make things exciting, a bug bash throws in exciting Bug Bounties (which are prizes) and company-sponsored F&B delights for the participants.

How we did it?

Step 1 Planning a Bug Bash ✅☑️

As with most events, this was the most crucial aspect of the event. In order to make our first-ever Bug Bash successful, we first visualized the entire event and then chalked out the event journey of the participants, that is the various steps they would go through before and during the Bug Bash.

We sent out our first communication to apprise the teams about the Bug Bash, a whole 3 days before the event. The Subject of the email, the Email Body, and the Endnote was thoughtfully and creatively put together so that the invite was attractive and not missed by our colleagues amidst their heaps of emails.

Here is a snapshot of what it looked like 👇

In order to keep excitement levels brimming and build momentum, we announced the Bug Bounties rewards just one day prior to the event 👇

Step 2 ➜ Prerequisites for the Bug Bash 📄

Then came the next step: team creation and identifying a simple yet effective Bug Reporting template for the various teams. We created 15 teams with approximately 9 members each. Here’s what it looked like:

This is a snapshot of the Bug Reporting template that was used to assist participants⬇️

Step 3➜ D-Day — Opening Call ☎️

We scheduled a 10 AM zoom call for all the participants so as to give them a LIVE walkthrough of all the steps they need to follow and shared the instructions with them on email as well.

After sharing the instructions, the organizers stayed on the call for the next 30 minutes so as to assist the participants in kick-starting the process.

In parallel, we also created a private slack channel with the leaders of all the 15 teams to give them a platform to share the queries of their team members.

Additionally, to generate buzz, fuel excitement, and ignite a spirit of healthy competition, we constructed a Team Leaderboard to showcase the approximate number of bugs and published it at regular intervals for 3 hours.

Step 4➜ D-Day — Closing Call📞

We concluded the event with a 6 PM zoom call with all the participants. It began with a presentation of screenshots (slack conversation)of their struggles and experiences with fellow team members. Each team leader also shared their experiences of the Bug Bash event. After that, the team leaders collated the bugs of their respective team members and shared these with the organizers.

What we gained from the Bug Bash?

We had 3 big learnings from the event.

  • Exposed Bugs 🐛
    It was a great tool for exposing bugs in our beta app. We had interns, management trainees, talented designers, QA testers, and product managers closely examining the product. Some of the folks had in-depth knowledge of the product and tested everything from the expected user flow to less frequent use cases.
  • Internal Product exposure 💡
    Management trainees or interns who haven’t done any trading in their life got exposure to the complete app and its journey. They had the opportunity to place their first trade and thus experienced the product themselves. This helped to accelerate their product learning which usually spans months. It was a great boost to their learning experience.
  • Cross-functional team bonding 🤝
    We realized that this event turned out to be a great platform to build camaraderie among our different teams. The Bug Bash brought our entire Product, Project, Design, Revenue, Research & QA teams together. It was a perfect cocktail of laughter, jokes, and competitiveness.

Kudos to the Angelites 👏 who participated in the Bug Bash event & made it a grand success🔥!
Stay tuned! More such events to come in the future 🤘



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