AngelHack Heads To Cincinnati With P&G

With our 10th Global Hackathon Series coming to Cincinnati next month, we wanted to bring on a sponsor that truly understood AngelHack’s mission and values. Enter Proctor & Gamble, our keynote sponsor for Cincinnati!!

Now this isn’t our first rodeo with P&G; we’ve worked together twice before. Both times were awesome, and we can’t wait to keep this relationship going!

As sponsors of our Lady Problems Series last Fall, they understood the barriers that prevent women from entering entrepreneurship and presented our team with unique challenges that centered on creating solutions for women’s health issues.

Well, P&G didn’t stop there. Next we created a hackathon around smells and smart home technology with the Febreze Home Hack. There we asked attendees to come up with hacks leveraging P&G technology to envision the future a unique and happy home.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Those were both amazing hackathons, what could you possibly do next in Cincinnati?”

With this Fall’s hackathon series, AngelHack and P&G wanted to focus on creating challenges that would benefit consumers and the problems they may have. Its no surprise that the focus of any company is NPS (Net Promoter Score) and many companies look for ways to analyze consumer complaints efficiently.

P&G acknowledges those issues and has created unique challenges that can possibly be used to alleviate the process of analyzing consumer complaint data.


Check out these challenges below:

#AH10 Cincinnati Challenges

Challenge #1: Create an algorithm that would connect consumer complaints data with manufacturing process data to identify process root causes of later consumer complaints, and consequently trends that could be affecting shelf quality.

Prize 1: $2,000 to the winning team.

Challenge #2: Create a text analytics-based tool to analyze consumer complaints verbatim to find keyword trends and develop a tool that will ease the analysis process.

Prize 2: $2,000 to the winning team.

Challenge #3: How can we better use data analysis to capture online store consumer complaints in a more efficient and systematic way?

Prize 2: $2,000 to the winning team.

Have these challenges got your creative juices flowing already? Well don’t just stop there, take a minute and sign up for the Cincinnati hackathon before all the spots are taken!

Written by: Christian Colon

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