Goin — The Barcelona-born Mobile App Changing How Millennials Save & Invest Money

Sourced from AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series, Goin is set to revolutionize how millennials save and invest

Tell us a little about your founding team and the origins of your product.

Our team is composed of three founders: David, Gabriel and Carlos. We’ve worked together on several projects before this, while traveling around the world participating in hackathons. Last May, we entered the AngelHack Barcelona Hackathon which combined two of the things we like the most: development and entrepreneurship. We worked really hard to build something cool, won the hackathon, and ended up getting into the HACKcelerator.

Since the hackathon we’ve built a support group including development, strategy, growth, but also advisors and investors.

We strongly believe that a good team is the key for a successful startup. Our startup is called Goin and aims to be a solution created for millennials in order to automate saving without changing the lifestyle you’re used to. With Goin you can invest your money and start making a profit off it without having any prior knowledge about investment.

How would you say you, your team, or company has evolved through the program? What is your future vision for your startup?

Our progress throughout the program has been awesome. We’ve developed the project from zero to a product ready to launch, we’ve closed collaborations with some of the best partners in the areas we’re working on and we have obtained really valuable feedback in order to iterate the project.

Our vision for the future of the company is to become the Bank of Millennials, providing all kinds of financial solutions to fit their needs. We’ve launched our product in Spain and we’re expanding our operations to Europe and USA to make a global solution for saving and investing.

Do you have any words of advice to give to other entrepreneurs trying to found their own companies?

Some advice we’d give to other entrepreneurs would be to focus on three areas:

  • Surround yourself with a good team. Ideas may come but the key of the success is being surrounded by great people you get on well with, both personally and professionally.
  • Find something you don’t mind spending all your time on. You should like your project, if not, nobody else will.
  • Don’t be afraid to do anything. Don’t be afraid to talk to investors, to change your project, and to try new things.

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