The future of IoT and cloud development: DevNet Create 🌩

80 Mini-Hacks, 2 Tracks, +40 Speakers head to the bay this month

The countdown has started! There’s only one week left until DevNet Create 2017 kicks off in San Francisco, CA, on May 23rd. Why are we so excited about this event? Besides the best and brightest in IoT, Cloud and Enterprise technology all joining forces under the same roof — this is also the tech communities chance to break down the barriers between infrastructure and applications. Not to mention…

1.Tons of hands-on learning experience through 2 tracks, mini-hacks and learning labs 🚀

Not completely familiar with IoT or cloud development — this is your chance. Both of these systems are where the future of development is headed. And the best part is you can choose between two in-depth tracks during DevNet Create.

Track 1: IoT & User Experience is all about securing IoT apps, working across verticals, integrating workflows and synchronizing communications. Basically, everything your boss will want you to know how to do in the next few years.

Track 2: Cloud & DevOps follows the lifecycle of building, packaging, testing, deploying, and improving the ever-evolving world of cloud development and how that can help you manage project outcomes — or even the future of your business.

2. An intimate setting to connect with peers and meet leaders in the world of infrastructure and applications 💡

This is a big one. Conferences are an incredible way to meet people, but they generally don’t result in “real” connections. You say hi, grab a business card, and then move on to the next talk or networking lunch. The great thing about DevNet create is the organic relationships that are built throughout learning labs and workshops. It’s a chance to meet your next DevOps mentor or business partner.

3. Food, happy hours, great people 🎉

DevNet create is seriously passionate about the people. All passes include access to keynotes, sessions, hands-on learning, breakfast, lunch, and happy hours so that you can walk away with the full experience of a conference with the type of relationships you’d build at a hackathon. Plus any event that celebrates with APIs and IPAs is always a bonus 🍻

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