Democratizing Startup Investment

There is no doubt, tech entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the way we live.

The opportunity to capture this entrepreneurial spirit that is driving the economy and inspiring the world is real. It is coming in the form of a new regulated platform: AngelHub — the startup investment platform connecting an exclusive group of Professional Investors to growth stage ventures.

What is crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has emerged as one of the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis, due to the difficulties early-stage venture owners faced in raising funds since banks were less willing to lend.

Crowdfunding is the alternative way to raise money for a project or a startup from many people or a crowd that believe in it.

Online platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo have helped people fund a wide range of projects from making a movie or a hoverboard like back in the future to sophisticated IoT device like Soundbrenner’s pulse: musician’s best friend. The money raised through these platforms are donation or reward based but not equity. Crowdfunding has certainly granted both entrepreneurs and backers unprecedented access to new opportunities.

In reward-based crowdfunding platform, their only upside is to receive the actual product.

If Kickstarter backers, the first believer in the project, received equity; how much money would the backers of the Oculus Rift have made from Facebook’s two billion dollars purchase?

Now there is a new way of crowdfunding in Hong Kong: Equity crowdfunding

Until now if you wanted to play in the startup investment field you were faced with two choices. The first one was to join a Venture Capital fund and give the discretion of the fund manager to choose which investment to make. The other one was to keep your freedom and be an angel, but unfortunately be dependent on a deal flow based on your network, with limited legal or tech knowledge, which is highly time-consuming.

AngelHub* enables Professional Investors to invest in the startup scene with a trusted efficient and professional way.

Access Highly vetted startup investment

Picking winners is not an easy game. It is crucial to conduct the appropriate due diligence on the business, market, competitive landscape and founding members to mitigate risk. Each entrepreneur and their team have to pass through background checks in order to even be considered. Additionally, the founders pitch the business venture to our experienced team, and finally our investment committee, which is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

Easier portfolio diversification

With a minimum investment ticket of 10,000USD, investors can invest through the platform in more opportunities.

To maximize their chance of success, investors need to diversify their portfolio to include various industries and geographical locations. AngelHub is a sector agnostic platform which offers opportunities from around the world — growth ventures scaling in Asia.

Invest in the business you believe in

AngelHub not only gives access to highly vetted deals in a professional way but also gives the investor the freedom to choose which deal they would like to invest in. We provide all the information needed in one place to invest in the business and the people you believe in.

Make a difference

Entrepreneurs are crazy enough to potentially change the world. By investing in them, you can make a difference too and be part of this (r)evolution.

21st-century Angels, enabling innovation and economic growth

AngelHub only works with Professional Investors**, usually including the high-net-worth individuals with a minimum of a 1,000,000USD liquid asset, Family Offices, and Venture Capital Firms.

Professional Investors need to be admitted in that exclusive group to have access to the deal flow. Only then will they will have the chance to get a highly vetted deal flow with access to all the due diligence material and deal terms they need to make their own decision on which deal they want to invest in.

AngelHub seeks and curates not only good businesses but game changers that are building the future and scaling business across the world, building companies driving innovation and economic growth.

More than just capital

Once these growth stage ventures successfully close their campaign and receive their funding, AngelHub leverages their strategic partners including corporates, Institutional investors from Venture Capitals to Private Equity firms, legal firms, international conferences and mentors that are able to push the business to its next phase of growth to IPO/Exit.


AngelHub screens Professional Investors in a digitalized and efficient way through a strong KYC/AML process and a risk profile assessment.

As well as trust and convenience, AngelHub assists with speed, closing the fundraising process in less than 90 days, leveraging its legal partners and advisors and payment services to secure funds from the centralized platform. Post investment, portfolio management, administrative work, and updates are done directly through AngelHub.

The Future

AngelHub is unquestionably the future of startup investment for startup companies all over the world looking to fundraise in South-East Asia, giving Professional Investors limitless opportunities and enabling entrepreneurs to take their business from the next level of growth to IPO/exit.

*Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity

**Refer to Professional Investors as defined by the Hon Hong Securities and Futures Ordonnance