11 Highest Paying Startup Engineering Roles in San Francisco

The demand for talented engineers has never been greater, especially in markets like New York and San Francisco. Startups are offering top cash compensation for senior, as well as less experienced technical positions to compete for talent with other early-stage teams (as well as what Google and Facebook are offering).

Which SF based startups are offering the most lucrative cash compensation for engineers?

To answer that question, we looked at the 100 highest paying engineering roles on AngelList for companies hiring in San Francisco, and narrowed down the list. Taking out engineering job listings from bigger companies like Netflix, and senior management level positions from companies like Postmates and Stanza, among others. We did not include open positions from companies that would not be considered “startups” — like The Voleon Group, although the cash comp is quite lucrative. 👀

The Results: Of the highest paying engineering roles on our list, the average cash comp tops around $210,000. This is not including equity, signing bonus, or any other incentives that may be given, and is higher than the $196,000 average cash comp for the highest paying engineering roles in New York City. A majority of the roles listed below show salaries that are higher than this. Click on the individual companies to view job listings and salary ranges per position.

1. Jingchi.AI — Software Engineer

JingChi is a mobility company powered by artificial intelligence. If you’re looking to work on the cutting edge of autonomous driving tech, the company has open engineering positions in Sunnyvale and San Francisco.

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2. Leap Motion — Engineering Lead

Leap Motion is transforming how we interact with technology using the original interface: the human hand. As you can see in the video, Elon Musk is a fan. You can also check out the short video of Orion — Leap Motion’s new hand tracking software that’s built from the ground up for virtual reality. The company has multiple engineering roles available in San Francisco, as well as sales and operations.

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3. MindMeld — Senior Machine Learning Engineer

MindMeld is a developer platform and cloud-based service that enables intelligent voice search on any app, website or device. The team is on a mission to make software that understands you better than you might understand yourself. They are hiring both machine learning and conversational AI engineers in San Francisco.

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4. Theorem — Research Engineer

Theorem is a company at the intersection of technology and finance. They’re a small team applying machine learning, and other rigorous scientific investigation to revamp the lending and securitization space. Theorem is a graduate of Y Combinator and are looking for a Researcher and a Research Engineer to grow their team.

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5. OpenGov — Engineering Manager

OpenGov is the leading provider of government performance solutions software. The company is backed by top investors like Andreessen Horowitz and is looking to fill multiple senior engineering positions. Help make the government more efficient by building the right tools for your representatives.

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6. Percolate — Senior Backend Engineer

Percolate is a marketing startup that lets marketers find and publish content on social networks. The company has expanded to become a complete system of record for marketing teams, and has raised $75 million to date from top investors like Sequoia, GGV Capital, First Round, and Lightspeed. Percolate has multiple open engineering roles in San Francisco and New York City, as well design, marketing, operations, and sales positions.

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7. Weebly — Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Weebly makes it easy for anyone to create a website. People start their own businesses, communicate with clients, and create a place to showcase their achievements with their powerful drag and drop website builder tools — no coding required. The company is a graduate of Y Combinator and counts top firms like Sequoia as major investors. Join their team in San Francisco, with multiple engineering roles, as well as design, marketing, and operations positions needing to be filled.

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8. Boon VR — Senior Cloud Platform Architect

Boon is using virtual reality to provide immersive, interactive training in the enterprise. VR is quickly becoming the standard for MedTech sales and training of healthcare professionals, and there’s high demand for providing immersive training in other industries. This space is up for grabs, and this early stage team is going after it full steam ahead.

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9. StreamMosaic — Lead Software Architect

StreamMosaic is using machine learning and predictive analytics to increase the yield in semiconductor manufacturing. By increasing the yield and lowering manufacturing costs of electronics, in a way, StreamMosaic is continuing Moore’s Law with predictive analytics. The company has multiple open engineering positions.

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10. Area 1 Security — Senior Software Engineer

Area 1 provides visibility into the next generation of unknown, sophisticated targeted cyber attacks. The company is focused on attacking the campaign delivery systems and allowing enterprises to identify campaigns before they unfold. Area 1 is looking for a senior engineer, senior product manager, and a product marketing manager to join their team.

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11. Boosted — Quality Director

Boosted builds ultra-portable electric vehicles. These are the super cool electric longboards you see people riding in the streets of San Francisco (and major cities). They are tackling a huge problem in transportation and building a great hardware team, with elements of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.

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