A-List: Premium recruiting for busy companies

Today we’re announcing A-List, premium recruiting for busy companies. It’s ideal for tech companies that want to scale quickly and have the budget to do it. A-List features:

  • Only the best candidates. Humans and algorithms work together to find the top 1% of candidates from over 3 million profiles. Candidates from Stanford, MIT, Facebook, Palantir and many more.
  • Hires within 2 weeks. We talk to candidates first, so you can target the right candidates with the perfect pitch. Candidates respond within 72 hours and the average hire happens in 2 weeks.
  • A fast chat interface. We’ve built a fast chat interface where CEOs, VPs, engineers and recruiters chat directly with candidates. It’s ideal for companies that want to close candidates quickly.
  • Only pay when you hire. Introductory pricing is $10K per hire, with a three month guarantee.

Hundreds of companies like Uber, Medium and Asana are already using A-List:

“A-List… has become my go-to sourcing tool for adding new candidates to our engineering recruiting pipeline.”
“We pitched an awesome startup VP Eng on A-List, and made him an offer that he accepted 10 days later.”
“I’ve been really impressed with A-List’s interface… it’s the fastest tool at my disposal.”

A-List complements our popular free recruiting product which offers 180,000 active candidates.

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Get started with premium recruiting at alist.co and learn about the investment returns we also announced today.

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Originally published at blog.angel.co on September 15, 2016.