AngelList Jobs for iOS

We now have an iOS app for Jobs — the best place to find a great startup job or candidate.

Jobs allows startups and candidates to meet through simple, Tinder-like matching. No recruiters allowed.

Candidates can see salary and equity information upfront. And they can apply privately so their boss doesn’t find out. It’s fast, fun and completely free for startups and candidates.

The iPhone and iPad apps add chat between startups and candidates. They also have group chat for companies, so everyone on the team can find and discuss candidates. By our munificence, you can also undo if you swipe right by accident.

Candidates can apply to 8,000 companies with one profile, including Shyp, Twitch, Instacart, Zenefits, Medium and Uber. Startups can find 10,000 new candidates a week — over half are engineers, designers or product managers.

The Jobs app is the best way to find a great startup job or candidate while you’re on the go.

Originally published at on October 12, 2015.