Announcing SPVs for VCs and angels investing in pro ratas

Today, we’re announcing AngelList SPVs, a new product that lets early-stage investors raise money for late-stage startups. They’re for VCs and angels investing in pro ratas and special opportunities.

VCs and angels can use SPVs to pool capital from their existing limited partners and relationships. The collected capital is then invested in a startup. SPVs can also request capital from funds like CSC Upshot.

SPVs will help early-stage investors stay small, so they can best help startups.

SPVs are completely private. And they’re all online, using AngelList’s back office.

SPVs have already been used by Accomplice, Slow Ventures and several angels to invest $35M into 19 companies (names used with permission).

SPVs are free for startups, VCs and angels. LPs pay carry to the VC or angel, and zero carry to AngelList. LPs also collectively pay $10K to AngelList, to cover the out-of-pocket costs of administering the SPV. (AngelList already earns carry on any capital that the SPV requests from funds like CSC Upshot.)

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Originally published at on October 12, 2015.