Crypto Job Openings Are Booming 🔥💰

If AngelList traffic is any indication, people are keenly interested in bitcoin job openings today. 350+ crypto startups hiring on AngelList, including Coinbase. Work at Coinbase. Coinbase needs all the help they can get to keep up with demand. Also, CoinList is hiring as well.

If you’re interested in the space regardless of your skill set, read our guide: How to Get a Job at a Crypto Startup.

If you’re an engineer or designer and want to work at a crypto startup, join A-List. P.S. In October’s AngelList Weekly we talked about how Blockchains are the biggest technological breakthrough since the Internet.

🔎 New Google Competitor (for startup advice)

First Round, normally known for their hilarious holiday videos this time of year, created First Search: the largest database of high quality startup advice ever made. The team went through 10,000+ articles about every facet of company-building, tagging and organizing the best startup knowledge from experts in their field. The result is the ultimate startup advice search engine you’ll want to revisit. Bookmark it.

On the same day as First Round’s reveal, Index Ventures launched OptionPlan, a new benchmarking tool for startup founders and employees that will give you a sense of what kind of option package makes sense for any position. You can also use TLDR Options to guesstimate the value of your startup options at different exits. 🤑

💵 Transparent Salary Calculator

Buffer, known for their distributed workforce and financial transparency, just released a Salary Calculator that shows you how much you’d make if you worked for them (Buffer is hiring an engineering manager). You can use Buffer’s calculator alongside our Salary & Equity Tool as comps for how much you should be getting paid.

P.S. Buffer just published a new post highlighting 7 key insights for building a career in marketing. Here is tip #6:

“Figure out what you’re good at and start helping other people with it. Give it away. Pay it forward.” — Naval

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