20 Female Founded Startups to Join in 2018

Dec 13, 2017 · 10 min read
Rent the Runway’s co-founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman
Glossier CEO Emily Weiss

“I want her to have a huge positive outcome because it does something really important for female entrepreneurs and, specifically, founder-CEOs.” — Jennifer Hyman

20 Female Founded Tech Companies to Join in 2018

1. Accompany

2. Glossier

3. Brandless

4. Verge Genomics

5. Mighty Networks

6. Hipcamp

7. Lumi

8. Shippo

9. Flex Company

10. Guild Education

11. May Mobility

12. Werk

13. Maven

14. Ritual

15. Front

16. Darby Smart

17. FutureFuel

18. Branch

19. Collective Retreats

20. Modern Fertility

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