Introducing Spearhead: An accelerator for angel investors — and $35M to back them

Today, in partnership with Accomplice, we’re announcing Spearhead, a program that funds and mentors founders with up to $1M of investing capital to back other founders. You can read all about it on Spearhead’s blog.

If you’re a founder and want to become an angel investor, apply.

Founders often have the best access to early-stage deals, and judgement on the most exciting things their peers are working on. The problem is that most founders can’t invest because they’re not accredited or lack personal capital to invest.

We believe more founders should invest and be given an opportunity to back remarkable companies.

The founders of Spearhead: Jeff Fagnan of Accomplice and Naval Ravikant of AngelList

Spearhead is a $35M fund dedicated to backing and mentoring founders with up to $1M of investing capital. Founders earn 15% carry, equipped with check writing authority, the support of angels in their cohort, as well as seasoned investors like Jeff Fagnan, Naval Ravikant, Cack Wilhelm, Elad Gil, Jake Zeller, and others.

Each fund is powered by AngelList Angel Funds to offload all of the legal setup, backoffice management, and expenses that go into setting up and operating a venture fund.

Apply here if you’re a founder who wants to be part of the first Spearhead cohort.