Introducing Syndicates for India

Jan 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Today, we are announcing Syndicates for India, a new way for investors in India to invest alongside experienced angels and VC funds that invest in India’s vibrant tech ecosystem.

For Investors

Syndicates are a private single-deal investment vehicles that let you invest in startup allocations shared by syndicate leads, enabling more angels to participate by getting access to top deals. Similar to a VC fund, syndicates provide experienced investors the opportunity to earn carried interest on their allocation, and the ability to write bigger checks by pooling capital from dozens of backers in the ecosystem. Learn more about the benefits for leads.

To date, over 1,800 startups have raised more than $700M through Syndicates on the AngelList platform, receiving more than $6B in follow-on funding. AngelList was connecting startups with investors as early as 2010 and launched online syndicates in 2013. Here’s what one of the first opportunities looked like:

For Startups

Since the Syndicates launch in 2013, the product has been refined to benefit a broad range of investors, as well as startups in their fundraising. The launch of Syndicates for India broadens the range of investors startups can raise from in the ecosystem.

Traditionally, an angel investor with conviction may write a single ₹10L cheque to a startup. With syndicates, that same investor can lead a syndicate and pool more capital from dozens of value-add backers who can help the company — all while having only one name added to the cap table. Learn more about the benefits to founders.

Launching in India

As part of this launch, we’ve gathered the support of experienced entrepreneurs and investors in India like Kunal Shah, Ash Lilani and others. Approved backers will get access to syndicates from great investors like Sandeep Tandon, Shalini Prakash, K-Start and others.

In the past, AngelList has supported investments into Indian startups like ClearTax, DocTalk and Squad, and with this launch, we’re excited to enable more Indian startups to get funded, and for more investors in the ecosystem to get access to deals.

Apply to back Syndicates in India.


Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Examples of past investments supported through AngelList are purely for illustrative purposes. An investment in startups, involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and qualified accredited investors. Neither VentureHacks Inc (“VentureHacks”) nor AngelList India LLP is a stock exchange recognised by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) under the Securities Contract (Regulations) Act, 1956. The Platform (ie, is not a fund raising platform. The Platform only registers the Eligible Angel Investors and target companies and allows them to interact with each other in a restricted environment. No securities are offered by any target company on the Platform. The Platform merely markets the operations of its India centric fund (hereinafter referred to as “India Fund”), duly registered with SEBI as an Angel Fund having registration number IN/AIF1/17–18/0504. The India Fund solicits commitments from Eligible Angel Investors by offering its units which are not traded on any stock exchange recognized by SEBI.


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