Jason Putorti, Lead Designer of Mint, joins AngelList

We’re happy to announce that Jason Putorti is joining AngelList. He was previously Lead Designer at Mint, co-founded Brigade and Votizen, and was Designer-in-Residence at Bessemer Venture Partners. (Bonus factoid: Jason worked on the Venture Hacks Newsletter with us way back in 2010.)

Jason is bringing his company, Elegantly, with him. Elegantly matches designers with amazing startups, for free. Since 2010 it has attracted thousands of designers from 89 countries around the world. Many of whom had not considered startups as a career.

Jason says, “AngelList has done amazing work with their free startup jobs product over the past several years. Especially now with the launch of A-List, this is a great time to make this move. Nobody has more early-stage startups than AngelList, so it’s a perfect fit for our mission of connecting designers to startups where they can have an outsized impact.”

Welcome, Jason.

Image: Designer Fund

Originally published at blog.angel.co on October 4, 2016.