P&G is in trouble

Warby Parker’s stylish eyeglasses are reportedly worth $1.75 billion. Online mattress-maker Casper is planning its IPO, and Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion.
 Everyone is trying to figure out how to play emerging CPG. EVERYONE. Every public CPG company, every retailer, every consumer VC and PE firm, every meaningful public investor. EVERYONE. — Ryan Caldbeck, CEO of CircleUp
 New Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have a key advantage over larger incumbents like P&G and Unilever: their customers are addicted to their products. Larger companies can’t compete.

  • New startups can design products for niche markets. Not everybody will buy a pair of Warby Parkers, but their most loyal fans won’t stop talking about them.
  • Startups are willing to outspend large competitors to acquire your business. Casper covered every New York City subway station in ads — when each sale is worth hundreds, it’s economical to overspend to acquire your business.
  • Subscriptions for everything: Dollar Shave Club sells their razors with a recurring, monthly subscription, making you less likely to cancel.

New, focused CPG companies are launching in every vertical:

🛁 Bathroom Startups

💄 Glossier is an online beauty startup with a fanatical following. Over 60,000 fans are on waitlists for their skin care products and they just raised another $52M to bring their iconic #glossierpink to boys and girls everywhere. They’re looking for content marketers and engineers in New York.
 👄 Quip sells electric toothbrushes that are so much cooler than what your dentist gives you. $5 for refills. Get yours today, and they’re hiring.
 🙏🏽 Bevel is a a “complete shaving system” designed for skin types of every color, from Tristan Walker. Shipping straight to your door, and they’re hiring.
 💈 Harry’s is here to make sure every dude’s shave is the absolute best. Razors, blades, shaving gel, all online with no middleman. They even have special boxers with Mammoths on them.
 💁 NuReveal, founded by an ex-Googler, helps you get clear skin naturally. Been in development for over a decade.

👕 Fashion Startups

👌 Everlane makes all of your fashion essentials at the best factories and passes the savings onto you. They just launched a retail store in SF, and are hiring PMs, data analysts, engineers, and more.
 👟 Atoms are designing the best shoe for every occasion. Get early access to their shoes, and they’re hiring a community manager.
 🐑 Allbirds have raised $25M+ for their comfortable wool sneakers. Taking San Francisco by storm.
 👖 Outdoor Voices is like BetaBrand meets Patagonia. Super technical athleisure for your weekend hikes.
 👞 M.Gemi partners with family workshops in Italy to make all of your favorite flats, heels, and leather shoes the right way. They’re looking for a social media and community manager.

😋 Kitchen Startups

🌿 California Dreamin, just out of Y Combinator, sells cannabis-infused soda. Shipping today to your front door.
 🍺 Morning Recovery, built by an ex-Tesla engineer, is here to solve hangovers. Just raised $8M, shipping now and they’re hiring for every role.
 🚰 Hint Water, healthy water with a hint of flavor. We drink it at the office. They’ve even launched a sunscreen with a fruit-filling scent.
 🚫 Brandless sells everything but without a brand. Simple.
 What are your favorite CPG brands? Add your own. 📦