Hello Winnie

We’re excited to announce another investment from #Angels! Available in the App Store today, Winnie helps people navigate the world with children — whether traveling, exploring or running errands.

The company is founded by Sara Mauskopf and Anne Halsall. We had the pleasure of getting to know Sara while in product roles at Google, Twitter and Postmates and were impressed by her vision, technical prowess and tenacity. Like Sara, several of us in #Angels are new mothers and we saw an immediate product market fit for what Winnie could offer. We found ourselves wondering, “Will this restaurant have a high chair?” or “Where is the closest restroom with a changing table?” while out. Whether looking for new places to play or searching for kid-friendly establishments, we feel that Winnie is a service that can provide value for all parents.

All six of us #Angels participated in the investment in Winnie (April Underwood, Chloe Sladden, Jana Messerschmidt, Jessica Verrilli, Katie Stanton, and Vijaya Gadde). You can learn more about Winnie here.