NIMBY and Proud

So, I learned the other day that one of my neighboring towns is trying to build a halfway house for veterans in a residential area. This of course has resulted in much conflict amongst the residents, and it has carried over to facebook. All I did was say that because of the trouble my town is having I understand the reason for opposition to the project, and tried to present my position clearly, concisely, and with facts and data, and immediately the other people branded me a Trump supporter, and the war cry NIMBY was thick in the air….

A little background: I live in a suburban village in a seasonal county in a democratic state. Despite relying on tourism as our main economic engine, the residents of my town have been very giving. We are the location for over EIGHTY social services, including at least 10 halfway houses, the only homeless shelter in over a 100 mile radius (despite having a major metropolitan city within that area), a needle exchange, and much much more, in addition to educational and emergency services for our entire county. Over 20% of the property in the village is untaxable, and about half of the residential property is considered affordable housing.

As a result of the above, the Village and the Town I live in has been devastated, economically. Our main economic engine, Tourism, is coming to an increasingly hasty halt, our taxes are high. The new “affordable housing” residents can’t afford to and don’t even try to support small business, and as a result many are failing (but Kmart and the fast food joints are doing great!) the home owners that previously cared are selling faster than the houses can be listed (and as a result, market value of property has plummeted). We’re in real trouble, but this isn’t about that…

It’s about being called a NIMBY. I spent much of the day afterward thinking about the fact that I and the other people opposed to expanding social services in the area are automatically branded as such, and as a result we automatically (almost reflexively) withdraw our arguments.

Well no more. I’ve worked my ass off, scrimped and saved and sacrificed to live where I do.

I work really REALLY hard to live where I do. Why the hell would I want more policy-lacking homeless shelters, half assed drug programs/needle exchanges, halfway houses, and excessive affordable housing in my town when it’s already been a monumental failure and is destroying the reputation of the town, and degrades quality of life for residents that aren’t complete fuckfaces?

Why would I want more people here that treat the landscape like a literal and figurative toilet? Because I haven’t yet had enough of stopping my dogs from playing with hypodermic needles on the street and trying to eat and sniff human feces?

Maybe you think I enjoy being yelled at by indigent heroin addicts when I don’t have a cigarette or extra money to give them. Spoiler alert: I don’t. Perhaps you mistook the fiery rage for pure glee when I’m repeatedly harassed for spare change in front of the quaint local coffee shop every. freakin’. day.

And who doesn’t love the idea of living next to a future complex of affordable section 8 housing? I look forward to the fights, drug deals, litters of unattended dirty kids and a permanent cumulonimbus of vape smoke coming from a gaggle of improvident jobless lackwits sporting a panoply of ill fitting yoga pants and disproportionately expensive smartphones.

Most of all, I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT to be stuck in my house because the already plummeting property value has made it financially impossible to sell and get the fuck out of dodge.

I chose my neighborhood because I love the area, I love the history, and I love the quiet peace that comes with it. I love that (now shrinking) barrier between my home and the shitstorm we call society. I’m tired of seeing the area I love being destroyed with impotent social services that do nothing but compound the problems.

Keep that farcical shit out of my back yard, and put it in yours.