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Mar 29 · 10 min read

We are currently working on a great FAQ page for our website, but we don’t want to leave you hanging in the meantime. So, until our new shiny FAQ is ready, you can find all the answers to your questions here.

(Not sure if this little hack counts as a pro-tip, but use command+f on your keyboard to use the little search bar, which lets you search this page for keywords).

Using Angle

How do I sign up for Angle?
Download the Angle Audio Conversations app from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit Click on “sign” up and enter your information. After confirming your email address, proceed to set up your account by adding a profile photo and some information about yourself in your Bio. Adding your LinkedIn profile helps people connect with you after interesting conversations.

I tried to sign up with email but the “magic link” doesn’t work
When logging in via email, in some cases on iOS the login-link doesn’t work. Instead of directly opening the Angle app, it opens the link in a browser. Luckily there’s a fix for this.

Steps to follow when logging in via email:

How to open the app from the email-link:

If you still cannot log into the app, reach out to us directly at

How do I find interesting conversations?
In your “Home” feed, you can see all upcoming conversations. The ones marked with a star and “Matched topic” are the conversations our match-making algorithm identifies as particularly interesting for you. Please note that this section will be improved and become more accurate over time.

How can I connect with other users?
Some users add their LinkedIn profile to their Angle bio. During or after any conversation, you can connect on LinkedIn. We are also working on a way to connect directly on Angle and will launch this new feature soon.

How can I share great Angle conversations with friends?
There’s different ways of sharing. For example on the bottom right corner of each topic card, you can see a blue arrow button pointing upwards. Tapping that button will allow you to share this specific topic. And of course, during a conversation, you simply tap on the 3 dots in the bottom right to access the sharing of a live-conversation.

Unsubscribe from a topic
Some Angle topics are recurring, which means they happen for example every 2 weeks. In that case, if you have signed up in the past you will receive reminder emails and push notifications every time they occur. Here’s how to unsubscribe:

How do I delete my account?
Our engineers are currently working on an easy and safe way to delete your account directly in the Angle app. Until then, please send an email to to have your account deleted.

Can I use Angle on web?
Yes you can 🤗. If you turn on reminders for conversations, you will receive an email 10 minutes before the conversation starts. This email contains the direct link to the conversation on web — just open it on your desktop. You can find the same link on all sharing messages out of the app.

I have an Android phone. Can I use Angle?
Yes! You can download the Angle Audio app in your Google Play store. Angle is available for Android, iOS and web.

The conversation started and my sound is on, but I can’t hear anyone speak on web
First, double check your volume setting. If it’s still silent you should be able to solve it by clicking somewhere on the screen (randomly). That should fix it!

Why is Angle audio only with no video option?
Fun fact: The first versions of Angle in early 2020 included video. We came to the conclusion that video is more of a detractor than value-adding. Most people don’t enjoy being watched constantly. People enjoy being able to connect over audio only as it gives them more freedom regarding flexibility, location and appearance when dropping into conversations.

My company is interested in using Angle for corporate conversations
Reach out to us at to discuss your company’s needs and to find out what Angle can do for you.

During an Angle conversation

When joining a conversation, how can I participate and say something?
During any live conversation you can see a “hand” symbol at the bottom of your screen. Tap it, and a little hand symbol will appear next to your icon in the conversation. This is how the conversation host and other users know that you want to say something. The host will call you when it is your turn to participate.

Some conversations develop a natural dynamic, which doesn’t require participants raising their hands to speak. But this is something that you will easily see and feel during a conversation. When in doubt: Raise your hand.

Someone just said something really cool. How can I let the person know without unmuting myself and interrupting the conversation?
That’s why we created elebrations! You can celebrate someone by double tapping on their profile picture during a conversation. Alternatively, you can hover over their icon and then click “Celebrate” on the profile preview that pops up. After celebrating, we implemented a cool-down phase of 1 minute before you can celebrate someone again. So use celebrations wisely! 😉

Why does your frontend developer love cats so much?
Good question. Good question… Whenever you see Raphael in an Angle conversation, just go ahead and ask him directly. :)

What are Celebrations?
We launched elebrations to give you an easy way to show other users that you appreciate them or agree with what they just said. You can celebrate someone by double tapping on their icon during a conversation. Alternatively, you can hover over their icon and then click “Celebrate” on the profile preview that pops up. After celebrating, we implemented a cool-down phase of 1 minute before you can celebrate someone again. On each user profile you can see a celebration counter, which tells you how many times someone has been celebrated.

I witnessed inappropriate behaviour, what can I do?
During a conversation, tap on a persons profile and it opens a small profile view. You can see a “Report” button. By clicking it, you can report the person to the Angle team. Also outside of conversations you can report people in their profile, and topics in the topic detail-view (when you tap on a topic-card on the Home-feed). If you’re not sure what’s inappropriate on Angle, checkour community guidelines.

Hosting a conversation on Angle

How can I add a topic on Angle?

How do I cancel or delete a conversation?
Just locate your event on the feed, tap on the three dots in the upper left corner and select “Delete”.

How can I build a community and audience for my topics?
All conversations can be scheduled as a one-off or as recurring conversations. Recurring topics offer the opportunity to steadily grow the number of users signing up for and joining your conversations. Additionally, the chat stays open between conversations. This allows you to use it to share information about upcoming conversation or remind users of your next session.

What is the best way to share information before a conversation starts?
There is a chat part of every topic. Feel free to add additional information before or after the conversation in the chat. Only people that signed up for the topic will receive a notification about the new message in the chat. You can further use the chat to remind people of your upcoming conversation or to share links.

Should I host a single conversation or a series?
Oftentimes, the first conversation helps you to navigate through planning and moderating. We have seen that conversation series (recurring weekly, bi-weekly on roughly the same day and time) tend to build momentum and a repeat, loyal audience! This can also help to create a successful community!

Starting with a series helps you take your audience with you. Even if you add a recurring topic you can always adjust the frequency afterwards.

What is a good time to schedule a conversation?
That depends a bit on your topic and target audience. Prime time is currently Monday to Thursday between 6pm and 10pm CET, although many people also appreciate sessions during the day or around lunch time.

What’s the best format for a conversation?
There is no best format. It’s mostly up to you if you want to have an open discussion, an expert talk/interview or a roundtable with guests. If you’re not sure what could work best for you, reach out to us and we’ll figure out a way.

What kind of topic should I choose?
On Angle you can talk about anything you like (within community guidelines). You don’t need to be a subject matter expert to start a session on a specific topic. Want to learn something about a new topic? Start a conversation asking experts to join and share their insights! Want to chat about the season finale of your favorite TV show? Go for it! Want to hear opinions on your newest business idea? Discuss it on Angle. Don’t be shy, just try different topics and see what works best. There are no “bad” sessions. Sometimes you talk to only 3 people, but if it’s the right 3 people — magic happens.

Do I have to be an expert to start a conversation?
Absolutely not. If you have expertise to share — great! But if you just want to discuss newest games or movies, that’s great too! Great conversations happen when the people part of it are passionate about the subject. That can be quantum computing, trash TV or gardening tips. Anything goes!

Can I invite co-hosts or speakers?
You can absolutely ask people to co-host sessions with you. We are currently building a feature that will allow you to add a co-host to your conversation that will also appear as an official host of the conversation.

How can I share my screen?
The screen sharing option is currently available on the web only. Sign in to your account, enter your conversation and click on the “Share screen” icon, which will then prompt you to share your screen or a specific tab.

How can I promote my conversations on Angle?
As soon as you create your conversation on Angle, you can share the direct link to the conversation on social media or other platforms. The link takes people directly to your conversation and allows them to set a reminder. If you would like more help to promote your session, reach out to

I have my own podcast. Can I use Angle to livestream my podcast?
Absolutely! Angle offers a great opportunity to stream your podcast to a live audience to get live reactions from listeners. Be aware that participants on Angle might raise their hand to ask questions and actively participate in the conversation. People have a right to know if they are being recorded, so if you are recording a session, please note that you must indicate so in the written description of your conversation as well as with a statement at the beginning of your live conversation on Angle.

Someone is interrupting my conversation by unmuting with the intention to disturb the ongoing session. What can I do?
As a host, you can tap on a user’s icon and hit the mute button to mute the person. If the user keeps interrupting, you can also kick them from a session and report the behaviour to the Angle team by tapping the “Report” button.

Data Privacy

Are you recording conversations or parts of it?
No, we are not recording any conversation or parts of it. Please be aware that some podcasters like to live stream and record their podcasts via Angle. If they do so, they are required to indicate this in the written description of the conversation, as well as at the beginning of the live conversation.

Do you require access to user’s address books?
No. Out of respect for users’ privacy, we decided against the sharing function that requires access to user’s address books. We implemented a way to share direct links to conversations, which can be shared with other users through communication channels outside of the Angle app.

What are your abuse prevention policies to ensure effective moderation and prevent illegal activities on Angle?
Ok, first of all, what’s illegal is illegal, also on Angle. Then, we have terms as well as conversation guidelines in place. These define the basis upon which we judge user behaviour.

Violation of that leads to permanent bans immediately. Zero tolerance. There are three mechanisms to enforce this:

Is Angle ADA compliant?
Our current and future efforts to make Angle inclusive for everyone, everywhere also include the development of software features to ensure ADA compliance beyond the phone built-in accessibility options that most mobile devices currently offer. With our limited resources as a startup of six people, we have to focus on building a great product and getting the basics right first. In a next step, we will commit to improve the accessibility to make Angle a great place for conversations for everyone.

How can HoH/deaf people use Angle?
We don’t have a built in solution for this, yet. However, we can recommend a simple workaround. People can use voice-to-text tools to help them enjoy Angle conversations without hearing. For example the built-in voice-to-text input part of Google Docs.

With our limited resources as a startup of six people, we have to focus on building a great product and getting the basics right first. In a next step, we are commited to improving the accessibility to make Angle a great place for conversations for everyone.

You couldn’t find the answer to your question? Email us at

Angle Audio

Audio conversations that leave you with a feeling of time well spent.

Angle Audio

Angle brings people together for meaningful audio conversations and knowledge exchange: Host topics, just listen in or actively participate in conversations and to connect with people through audio — from wherever you are.

angle audio

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Angle Audio

Angle brings people together for meaningful audio conversations and knowledge exchange: Host topics, just listen in or actively participate in conversations and to connect with people through audio — from wherever you are.

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