“Anything you want”: my opinion on Derek Sivers’ book

When I was 20, I found a video online about leadership from Derek. After watching, I thought that I was prepared to lead something. Guess what: it was bullshit and I was absolutely wrong.

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Years later, I realized that I was not prepared, and I didn’t understand that it wasn’t possible to be prepared to lead. Why? Because leading something is not an action or goal. It’s a consequence.

In “Anything You Want “, you have some great stories about how Derek built CD Baby‘s business, and also some shared thoughts about life, business, psychology, and the meaning of stuff.

Finding your compass

In my personal life, I discovered (or felt) that, for some reason, I know that I discovered my compass. Despite, I think for some people it is really difficult to find their compass. Why? Because we all have beliefs and an education that formatted us to do things by the book — the same patterns, repeated, all the time.

So, when Derek says that you should find your compass, I think that people should experience and try different and uncomfortable things, instead of focusing on the compass. They should do it in order to leave their comfort zone, and then by consequence, find their compass.

In another insight, Derek shares that it’s a great advantage to begin without funding. I think, more than the “no funding” part, the relief that comes with the “no attachment” mindset lets you go beyond your value proposition. No banks. You make money, you have a business. You don’t make money, ok. Is this a hobby? Perfect, but realize that you will not pay bills with it. If not, pivot.

Create more value than the expected

Derek shares the most successful e-mail that he ever wrote. It’s about doing more than what is expected. I try, in every sense and aspect of my life to deliver more than expected. When I do it, magic happens.

To end, Derek says: “You make your perfect world”. For me, like for Derek, I think what I believe becomes my truth, and my truth becomes my reality.