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Be arrogant — how can we create a medium instead of a new website?

We procrastinate. At the end of the day, as Eisenhower said, something significant or not urgent ends, unfortunately, because it always stays for later. That’s what happened with this project of ours, too — our new website.

On November 3, 2016, I wrote this blog post.

This blog post focuses on the rebranding we did at the time and how excited we were to have been named by the “Oscars” of websites — the Awwwards — with our new website.

However, after almost six years, in retrospective form, none of this mattered. A nomination is just a nomination; a website, just a website.

Why? Because 99% of websites use templates and benchmarks for their construction.

The conclusion? A new website? Same old. It’s all the same. About us, Contacts, Team, Values, Culture… Always the same…


A new project on the horizon

In 2020 we thought we wanted a new website. Why? What for?

We procrastinate to name the project, develop it, test different versions with different facilitators, etc. And we were not pleased with what came up.

This project began in 2020. It’s 2022. Three years to make a website?

We procrastinated. We anointed it AV4.0 for being the fourth version of our website. Then we switched to AV20 so that the 20 was the year of release. It never worked. Afterward, we invented a little more and switched to AV7. For the symbolism of number seven and Angry Ventures’ anniversary. That’s how it was. That’s the way it is.

The question is: Why do we want a website? What for?

When we die, what’s left?

The experiments. We don’t remember websites…

A website as an experience

If so, why not make this project an experience as well? Social even.

Immersive? Why wouldn’t we? How can we develop a medium instead of a website? How can we put ourselves in a position to create something crappy that its users and visitors will misunderstand?

How can we create an uncomfortable journey that d efines us, just as we are defined by the people accompanying us? How to do something out of the box when there is no box? How can you not try to be different by not being different?

How to do what has not yet been done?

Then, it hit us: what we do should not be a place of arrival — it should be a place of departure. Where to? Emotions. Hence Angry from Angry Ventures. You won’t have an about us, services, and contact pages. Instead, it has emojis, candy, and randomness. It will have and already has. It has personality. Life. Light.

What they see as the result of the process is the consequence of our arrogance and fury. This is who we are. This is what we do. This is AV:

Originally published at on January 17, 2022.



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