Hello! Let me introduce you to our everyday companion!

He is made of tin, he’s a little bit creepy and he was already here when I first stepped into Angry Venture’s office. If you stopped to wonder why we use a roboton our blog’s home or if you occasionally found our 404 page, today is the day you get all the answers.

Very discrete at first, the robot used to be one of those objects that one brings to the office and, for no apparent reason, stays there for a long time. We ended up getting used to him, but we never stop to think how he got here, and where does he comes from.

That was precisely what happened with our robot until the day Fernando went to IKEA and bought a giant painting with a more abstract version of our daily companion. He brought it because it was cool and fun, but that made us ask why that particular painting.

It was then that we realized that that very discrete and creepy robot has been with Angry Ventures since the very beginning. We haven’t been capable of determining his nationality, but we know for sure that he is not Portuguese. In fact, the first time he met Fernando he was in a flea market, in Amcorp Mall, Malaysia.

By that time, he wasn’t actually a robot: he was just a group of small pieces of tin that should be put together to make a robot. After being built, the robot travelled on a bag all over Asia, until he got to Portugal and become a decoration piece, in Angry Ventures’ office.

After knowing his story, we decided that that small object kind of embodied Angry Ventures’ spirit. He started as a group of pieces and grew to something more solid; he crossed borders; and, although he has a few dents, he is here every day.

Now that you know a bit more about our robot, we’re certain you’ll never look at him the same way. I certainly never will.

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