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How can companies embrace diversity?

Pragmatically, the dictionary defines diversity as “a noun that characterizes everything that is diverse, that has multiplicity,” that is, everything that is not homogeneous and that is varied.

Taking it into a more practical context, diversity is defined as the gathering and living together of individuals of the most varied ethnicities, sexual orientation, cultures, genders, etc.

The subject is increasingly being talked about, inside and outside companies, but it is not an easy task to deconstruct the social structures that, for a long time, have marginalized minorities through prejudice.

That’s why talking about this topic is so important. Not only to open up the prejudiced practices that many institutions still carry out but also to debate possible solutions for people who suffer discrimination.

It is not enough just to defend flags and publicize them on social media.

People, in general, whether internal or external customers to organizations, are demanding extra care from the company, whether when positioning itself, developing a product, or hiring a new employee, for example.

Companies like Nubank, Pipefy, and Google already have specific functional areas in their organizational structure to deal with the subject.

Why are they investing so much (besides to deconstruct concepts)

According to data from Glassdoor Economic Research, there was a 37% increase in vacancies destined for (or somehow related to) D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) roles in the US, UK, France, and Germany in 2019 compared to 2018.

Internally, McKinsey & Company found that companies with more diverse senior teams were also high financial performers. A survey included 180 companies in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

From a customer perspective, a 2019 Accenture survey, All In: How inclusion and diversity drive shopper’s behavior, showed that about 42% of consumers would pay an additional 5% or more to buy products from companies engaged with inclusion and diversity.

How to practice diversity in my organization?

To implement a strategy based on principles of diversity, it is necessary to think about four aspects of the institution: the product, the promotion of the product, the place where it will be exposed and where the commercial relationship will take place, and the people who will be involved, that is, employees, customers and the community in general.

  • #1 Product — think of solutions that meet different types of public, such as the example of Natura, which created a specific line of its products for people with black skin, since, for a long time, it was quite challenging to find products that customers could identify themselves.
  • #2 Promotion — taking the message more and more into people’s daily lives, making them identify with the brand and feel represented. A good example is Dove and its impactful campaigns about the different types of beauty in a woman.

  • #4 People — hire different people, give opportunities to those who are already in the company, and encourage the training of new professionals from disadvantaged groups. An example is PepsiCo, in which about 40% of its current senior leadership is women. In addition, there is a focus on encouraging a plural organizational culture, emphasizing initiatives to develop female employees. There are other similar programs in the company aimed at LGBTQIA+ professionals and millennials, as well as other different audiences that make up the workforce.

Final tip

Productions that portray diversity in the labor market:

  • Como ela faz? — Uninterrupted journey, education, racism, dreams, the history of women’s achievements in Brazil;
  • The Intern — The inclusion of the elderly in the work environment;
  • Facebook LATAM Season — A documentary series made in Latin America about the transformative power of diversity and inclusion in business.

Originally published at on March 17, 2022.



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