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Rebranding or redesigning a website? A journey with AV7

The challenges that appear in our lives are not always easy, but we can have a lot of fun trying to solve them because if we look at them from the right point of view, we can use our creativity, lose the limit, and then discover it. Like a roller coaster that goes up and down, we can find pots at the end of the rainbow and discover easter eggs. That was the experience with Angry Ventures and our new website.

It all started with the idea of ​​renovation. Rebranding? Building a new website image from scratch? Perhaps.

The challenge has been launched. There was a lot of research and internal interviews with all employees in the process. What is Angry Ventures? How do we define ourselves? Who are we? What is our essence?

Starting a website with keywords

We arrived at several keywords: dynamicity, speed in communication, agility in solving a problem, and all processes.

We also stressed facilitation -for the way we see the world, making it simple, always looking for solutions, constantly improving, always looking for the best in ourselves. And empathy, for the way we deal with situations: we are partners, our customers are part of the company, we are working together, we feel their pain, and we do our best to solve it.

How to transform these concepts into a visual form in which we can see and feel what we are?

The answer was to bring movement to the brand, saturated colors, emotions. It was to get a clear and objective message, but that was also soft, with thick and rounded lines so that it was possible to feel the affective and experiential aspects.

Creating a new experience

But what about the website? We also wanted an experience, not just a website. We would like the user to participate; for him to decide which path to follow and at the same time create curiosity about what would happen if the course were different.

For this, we sought benchmarking in games, in which the choices made change the end of the story and the character’s destiny. Games give the user the spotlight and encourage them to make new choices and even play again.

The chosen way to present the “game” was like a wizard, a conversation. Something different from the conventional, but with familiar elements of web navigation. Thus, we bring a new and exciting experience, but not uncomfortable enough that the user does not understand and gives up on participating in the background.

That was our process, an adventure, a discovery. We were not afraid to advance or retreat when necessary. And in the end, we are like this, proud and happy of our work, because we feel represented. But did I say end? No, this is not the end, we are human beings, and as people, we are constantly learning and evolving, which should also be reflected in our image. So that is not the end, and it’s not the beginning anymore. It’s our journey!

This blog post is part of a series titled “AV7”, a section where we write about building our new website from different perspectives: CEO and management, design, software development, and digital marketing.

Take a look at it here:

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Originally published at on January 28, 2022.



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