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You can learn important things for your work, not working

Before I start, I want to make it clear that I’m just a 20 year old guy that started his professional career about a year ago, and I know nothing about life or work at this stage, but I want to share with you some thoughts that came to my mind in my holidays.

At work, we usually want to control everything: control our performance, control project’s flow, planning everything in detail, and we barely give space to things happening on their own flow. And an important thing: we forget to enjoy what we are doing.

I work to achieve the highest quality possible in the project’s final result, but the path to get there is long and sometimes it´s good to get some distance from work and take time to understand what we have made until the date.

Usually we do a lot, and when we are only focused in delivering tasks and we are involved in a bubble of stress and anxiety, we don’t enjoy as much as we could the projects we are in and that’s a huge shame.

For me, control isn’t about fighting against what you feel and create battles with yourself and your job. Instead, control is accepting what you feel and the situation you are in and work in conformation with that to achieve natural flows and states that naturally come to us if we give it a chance.

So, that´s why you can learn a lot from activities that you aren’t doing specifically with that goal but when you give the appropriate space to let things happen, your holidays can be more powerful than many workshops, talks and work activities. My summer holidays, this year, had almost three weeks and in all of them I learned something valuable.

In the first week, I travelled to another country, I learned a lot about the country’s culture and nature, but i also learned a lot about my family. How they feel about things I did and how I felt about things they did or said.

I learned that most of the things that I felt a little angry about, weren’t their fault, but were my state of mind at the moment, and also some bad routines that I already had for responding mentally and verbally to some situations.

So, a new thought that I have in mind in this situations is: 99% of the things that people who love or care about you do or say aren’t meant to hurt you or attack your feelings, so always give it a try, thinking about words or situations in a positive way by default (just in case).

For me, personal growing has a direct effect in professional growing, so learning about other cultures and becoming more tolerant about them is a thing that affects positively my professional growing.

Learn how other human beings and myself feel and act is very important for teamwork and to lead it in a positive way. I also learned a bit about marketing because in this week I ended Seth Godin’s book, “This is Marketing”, (very good by the way).

In following days, I went camping with my most close friends and I learned about a thing that isn’t natural in me, but is very important… letting things flow and enjoy what you are doing. For me, in my work, is even harder (sometimes almost impossible), but I’m working on it. Another thing is: don’t change who you are because of the situation you are in, for me, it is painful and a lot harder than just being yourself.

I try very hard to be true, genuine and the best version of myself to everyone.

The last thing I want to mention about those days, is that sometimes we put in our minds that we can’t talk about some topics even with our friends and family and this holidays showed me that it isn’t right. But I had so unnecessary filters in my life a year ago and I don’t want them anymore.

Somethings are just stupid to talk about and you can give your friends and family a break, but these days i talked to my friends about all the hard topics that I never thought i could talk about, and I was surprised with the openness and non judgemental way.

If you can’t talk about hard stuff with your friends and family, with whom will you talk?

I will transport this thoughts to my professional attitude. I’m trying to let the things flow more, remember about the good things that are being done (and were made), rather than the big amount of work that I have next week, and all the anxiety and stress stuff.

I´m trying to give more of my principles, values and personality to my work and be more open to talk to others about the hard stuff. Also, i want to know better with who I’m working with, because in long term I think I will harvest the fruits of that attitude.

In my final week of holidays, I couldn’t accomplish the state that I like, of total focus in being in holidays, but it was for a good reason and in the future I will try to be better.

However, I learned with that too because I could separate better the moments I’m thinking about work and the moments I’m enjoying the present with my family.

I also learned that sometimes it isn’t only about expressing your opinion, you must think about others and if it is so important to give that opinion to that specific person, knowing that it will hurt her or him.

Also in that week, I ended the first part of Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man search for meaning”, it is a very powerful book with a very powerful message about how we can give meaning and positive thoughts and actions to our lives in one of the most extreme situations that ever happened on earth.

I can’t apply everything I learned in my holidays in the majority of the situations in my life yet, but I will try and fail until it becomes a thing so natural to me that I don’t have to think about it.

Another thing I have to say, so you don´t end up thinking I’m totally crazy, is that a huge part of my holidays is relaxing and enjoying it and isn’t thinking about that things… but when I stop a little and think about it, I have to learn something too.

If you are reading these words, it means that you read my text until the end. So, thank you for that and hope that I could give you something good.

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