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Valentine Infantry Tank Mark III. Imperial War Museum photo

To Russia With Love

The British Valentine tank in the Red Army

Valentine Mark VIIA №838 fell through ice near Telepino, Soviet Ukraine in 1944. Ukraine recovered the tank in 1990 and presented it to the Canadian War Museum in 1992. Canadian War Museum photo

Modding the Valentine

Still, the lack of H.E. shells deeply bothered the Red Army, which experimentally refit a Valentine with a domestic 45-millimeter gun. The prototype performed well, but the army didn’t have cannons to spare and killed the project.

A Valentine Mark IX at the Bovington Tank museum in 2009. Photo via Wikipedia

The long-barrel Mark IX

In 1942, Soviet tests found the Valentine’s two-pounder shells shattered ineffectually against the frontal armor of the later-model German Panzer III tanks and StuG assault guns.



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