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An X-Ray is not a table

And Ben Shapiro is not a smart man

Healthcare spending; neither easy nor cheap
Does this diagnosis come in purple?

Ethics and Economics

Before we talk about money, it’s important to consider why we are spending it. Almost every discussion about health economics comes back to who pays for whom, and how, because on the one hand we want everyone to be healthy but on the other hand it’s unfair for me to be forced to pay for someone else’s healthcare.

Pictured; important
Do we care more about babies or freedom? (This is literally the choice)

Free Market Furniture

If I were to choose an adequate comparison to healthcare, a notoriously complicated subject, I’d probably try for something equally difficult. Maybe talk about pollution and environmental economics, or the effects of regulation on the food industry.

I’d choose the chair, because slamming your head against x-ray films to get rid of the stupid isn’t nearly as satisfying.

Free Market Failure

Buyers have virtually no information on products in the health market. There’s been some effort to force doctors and insurers to publish things like death rates, but there’s also evidence that these aren’t a good guide for picking your doctor. It takes months of research to understand what makes a good x-ray and why (not to mention identifying the specific test you need), whereas you can look up the key characteristics of a dinner set in half an hour.

Pictured: more complicated than a dinner set.
In a world where doctors are rated based on what they wear, what defines a good medical experience?

What Works?

We know healthcare economics is hard. We can theorize all day about what might happen if we relax or increase regulation without learning anything.

Guess who regulates their drug prices?
Despite spending double as much per person as most OECD countries, the US has the worst health overall. And it’s getting worse.
Would he want you to literally kill people? No. So stop it.



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