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Max Koretskyi
Jul 24, 2018 · 2 min read

A few weeks ago I ran a poll on Twitter to understand why Angular account has 280k followers on Twitter while Angular-In-Depth has only a fraction of that on Medium (11k). The poll showed that 50% of those who responded don’t use Medium, 17% find stories too complicated, 27% have no time to read and there are people (7%) who find stories not interesting.

A situation where a majority of Angular developers don’t use Medium is unfavorable for the community. I want Angular-In-Depth to be for Angular developers and writers what FreeCodeCamp is for React. I want it to be the place where you

  • as a developer can find the explanation and solution to whatever complex problem you’re facing related to Angular
  • as a writer can improve your writing skills and publish articles that reach a majority of Angular developers

But to get there we need your help.

You probably know that writing good content is no longer enough. Even a brilliantly written article on an important topic can pass by the community unnoticed. To be noticed, it needs promotion. Although Medium’s vision is to enable writers to focus on words and handle the distribution of content itself, I think we’re still far away from there. At least for Angular, which only has 3.7k followers on Medium (“Angular” tag). That is almost 3 times less than Angular-In-Depth and a a lot less than Angular’s Twitter account.

So until we arrive at the point where we have hundreds of thousands Angular developers using Medium and following Angular tag, we have to do the promotion ourselves. And Twitter is one of the major platforms to focus on.

So we ask you to support us on Twitter! Please give Me and Angular-In-Depth a follow and share your feedback in the comments. I very much appreciate it!

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Max Koretskyi

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Founder of community. Passionate about Mentorship, TechEd and WebDev. Angular & React contributor.

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