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Angular Guards: More than Security

Austin shows that Route Guards can be used for more than whether or not a user has access to a page. In this case, he uses it to warn the user if they are navigating away from a form page with unsaved changes.

Angular Accessibility Tips and Tricks

Accessibility is a topic that is often overlooked in web development. Cory Rylan touches on some best practices to make your Angular app more accessible.

Angular Performance Checklist

A nice GitHub repo to periodically check in with if you are interested in finding ways to make your Angular app more performant. Lots to learn here. The two points that stuck out for me was not lazy-loading your default route and to use the trackBy option for the ngFor directive. I didn’t even know trackBy was an option!

Drag & Drop In Your Angular Apps With ng2-dragula

The folks at Valor Software may be known for ngx-bootstrap, but they have also created nice collection of other Angular components. In this post, the folks at show us how to get started using their ng2-dragula library.

Using Web Components With Angular [video]

A Google I/O talk showing how to use Web Components within Angular. It still isn’t trivial to start doing this, but it could be much worse. I think in a year or two this will be a simpler process, but if you want this now it’s definitely possible ☺️


Understand Lookup Types In TypeScript [video]

Alex Jover Morales provides a succinct explanation of how lookup types work in Typescript. I’ve always thought of it as magic, but Alex makes it easy to learn what is actually going on.


Essential Angular VS Code Extensions

John Papa published a collection of his favourite VS Code extensions. I wouldn’t recommend installing the collection itself, but instead read through them and see if they sound valuable. Then just install what you need.

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