Announcing Angular Copilot v1.0

Hanyu Xiao
Apr 15, 2018 · 2 min read

We are pleased to announce the availability of Angular Copilot v1.0.

Angular Copilot brings AngularDoc’s analytical engine to your desktop, so that you can benefit from the static analysis of your Angular & AngularJS applications, while your source code and its metadata remain secure on your local machine. Its key features include:

  • Repository Dashboard — central place to manage your repos, and to import the popular Angular repos from GitHub;
  • Front end for the angular-cli command-line tool — “New Project” wizard to scaffold the Angular application using “ng new” command, and “New Component” dialog to generate blueprints using “ng generate” command;
  • Architecture Diagram — animated overall architecture of your AngularJS/angular project, such as the bootstrap class, modules, components, and routes
  • Class Browser — classes viewed by the component types, with the convenience of searching and filtering; one click to open the source code in VS Code
  • Module Diagram — visualizing the module’s composition, imports, and exports
  • Route Tree Diagram — hierarchical tree of the routes and the implementing components
  • Import Diagram — visualizing all the Importing relationships between your classes
  • Test case browser — central place to view and search the test cases

In addition, the Cookbook feature has “recipes” that allow one-click installation and configuration of popular client frameworks for your application.

While the features listed above are free, Angular Copilot also has premium/paid features such as AngularJS-to-Angular migration.

Angular Copilot works best with VS Code as the code editor. We hope that it becomes an indispensable tool for the web developers along side VS Code. Please visit to download yours.


Architectural analysis, visualization, code generation, and many more!

Hanyu Xiao

Written by

Founder of AngularDoc. A technologist who loves building developer tools. Husband and proud father of two beautiful children.


Architectural analysis, visualization, code generation, and many more!

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