Introducing NgRx Explorer for VS Code

We are excited to announce the addition of NgRx Explorer to our AngularDoc extension for Visual Studio Code.

NgRx Explorer

NgRx is a state management library for Angular applications. Inspired by Redux and backed by RxJs, NgRx has become a top library for large scale Angular projects.

The new NgRx Explorer in AngularDoc extension allows you to browse and navigate the building blocks of NgRx, such as the stores, reducers, actions, selectors, and effects, in your application. To use it, just click on the “Angular” icon in the Activity bar on the far left-hand side. You will see the NgRx Explorer below the Angular Explorer. Select an element in NgRx Explorer and the corresponding source code snippet will be previewed in the editor.

Hope you’ll find NgRx Explorer helpful in your Angular development. Please leave a review if you like it. Follow us on Twitter @angulardocio to be notified of the future updates.