The Data: Enterprise & Deep Tech VC in Europe & Israel 2020

A detailed look at venture capital activity across the region in 2020

Gil Dibner
Mar 5 · 6 min read

We’re delighted to release an updated version of our 2020 Data Report on Enterprise & Deep Tech VC Investment in Europe & Israel.

Special thanks to my colleague Andrew Poesaste for the tireless work over many months gathering, cleaning, and — most importantly — thinking about this data to make sure it is accurate and useful.

We are still inputting all the data manually and struggling to categorize every company in a meaningful way. We have, for example, the only dataset I’m aware of that accurately distinguishes between ML tooling, data tooling, DevOps, dev tools, and IT infrastructure. It’s certainly the only dataset I trust at this point.

Despite the strangeness of this pandemic year, the second half of 2020 saw European & Israeli deal volume rise to unprecedented levels — something that this report makes abundantly clear.

Look a bit deeper, however, and some interesting patterns emerge. For example:

  • E&DT is gradually dropping as a percentage of European/Israeli deal flow.
  • Despite the hype, the participation rate of US VCs in European/Israeli deals is holding very steady
  • VC activity in Netherlands and Spain is exploding
  • New stack investments may have peaked overall, but data tooling is very hot
  • VCs are investing massively in deep-tech foodtech companies

You can view and download the entire report on Docsend, or view the entire report embedded in this medium post.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s another link to the full report on docsend!

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