Flight delay? Not forever.

Updates in US Immigration Impacting Founders

Anne Augusta Blum
Oct 2, 2020 · 2 min read

Angular Insights #15

From day one, Angular Ventures has been focused on investing in companies that are chasing a truly global opportunity. For most startups, that means a focus on expanding to the US market very early on.

We’ve been helping founders from Europe and Israel cross the Atlantic chasm to build category leaders in the US for well over a decade. The consistent lesson of our experience is that enterprise startups which focus on the US benefit immensely — from growing sales, easing the fundraising process, accessing top talent and strategic partners, etc. In addition, we now have some research to back up these observations.

While the pandemic has delayed business trips and relocation plans, many founders still envision expanding to the US — including relocating non-US nationals into the US. As the pandemic and politics have led to numerous changes in the immigration process for European and Israeli founders, we invited Jennifer Schear, a US immigration expert and an Angular Advisory Partner, to lead an Angular Insights session.

Jennifer is the founder of Schear Immigration, a boutique firm in Tel Aviv specializing in US business immigration law. She has helped countless entrepreneurs from around the world relocate to the US with special emphasis on the needs of tech companies in an ever-changing immigration environment. In the session, Jennifer discussed the top trends and challenges facing US immigration during COVID-19 and beyond.

The session is available in full below and we encourage all founders thinking about immigrating to the US to check it out.

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