New Exhibition to present Dundee and Tayside in the Ice-Age

A new BBC story covering an upcoming exhibition at the McManus Gallery:

The dramatic impact of the Ice Age on the Tayside landscape has been revealed in a new video visualisation.

The project shows how the power of glaciers 20,000 years ago shaped city landmarks such as Dundee Law.

It illustrates how the area that is now Dundee was covered by more than 1km of solid ice

The video will feature on a dedicated website as well as being shown as part of an exhibition at the city’s McManus.

The project was created by glaciologist Max Van Wyk de Vries and animation lecturer Kieran Duncan.




This society is dedicated to honoring the lifetime work and achievements of Paul Ewing, geology teacher at Arbroath High School. He inspired 100s of students into the scientific field of geology and the wider geosciences. This society aims to inspire 100s more!

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Hunor Deak

Hunor Deak

BSc Geology graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Worked as a Student Ambassador, Office Aide, Receptionist and Social Media Rep.

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